CYBRARIAN® Patron Automation

Customer Testimonials

"CYBRARIAN® software has been running so solidly and without issues since we installed it that I am free to spend my time on other tasks which previously couldn't be done due to the maintenance of the public PCs."
George M. Leyendecker, MIS Library Support
Georgetown County Library

"CYBRARIAN® Software is installed on PCs in the Livingstone College library. Since our first day of installation the CYBRARIAN® Support Center has been incredible in their technical support."
Keith Moore, IT Administrator
Livingstone College

After extensively investigating all major Public Computer Management Solutions, the City of Colleyville Public Library selected CYBRARIAN® Software, "Compared to all the other solutions CybraryN was the most secure and the most comprehensive."
John Schanot
City of Colleyville Public Library

"The Charlotte Community Library was experiencing challenges having to do with inappropriate use of our computers, monopolizing these computers, bullying of the staff, and other difficulties. To resolve these problems, the staff began searching for, and researching, various software solutions. We selected CYBRARIAN Corporation. My computer consultant and I have found your company's technical support to be most helpful and highly responsive. It is certainly nice when a company cares about its customers, whether large or small. Your people were friendly, welcoming and open to discourse. I have always enjoyed working with organizations such as CYBRARIAN Corporation and look forward to dealing with you in the future."
William D. Siarny, Library Director
Charlotte Community Library

"I wanted to express my gratitude to CYBRARIAN for creating a cost effective product that integrates with our Innovative Interfaces System so well. After trying the demo on your web site, I was more than happy to pay the reasonable fee for your product versus the extremely high cost of a competitors. Your product has met all of our needs, providing us with a simple, yet highly effective means of securing our Reading Room workstations and utilizing our existing patron database. I would also like to point out that your technical support has been very responsive to our inquiries, as well. CYBRARIAN seems to understand that no product is perfect and has responded to me directly when I have a suggestion or enhancement request. That is the kind of service and support that I appreciate. That is the kind of service and support that justifies paying for new versions of a product or paying a maintenance fee. Please keep up the excellent work."
Ben Hope, Senior Systems Analyst
National Institutes of Health Library

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