CYBRARIAN® Social Distancing Software

Social Distancing features in CYBRARIAN® applications

Reliable Integrated Platform

Our Remote Dashboard is seamlessly integrated into the CYBRARIAN® platform for a unified experience: The right set of tools deployed with just a few clicks.

  • Amaze your patrons with superior service.
  • Monitor and interact with total visibility into the status of all your shared public computers.
  • Securely access and Screen-Share patron computers.
  • Full visibility into your shared public computers with real-time Status Alerts.
  • Respond to real-time patron CHAT Requests from your shared public computers.
  • Connect, assist, and operate public computer's mouse and keyboard securely.

Staff Remote Public Computer Control

  • Screen Sharing: Provide remote support and Interact with a patron's Desktop.
  • Screen Save: Save a copy of a patron's screen.
  • Keyboard: Take control of a patron computer keyboard.
  • Mouse: Take control of a patron computer mouse.
  • Chat: Receive patron requests for assistance.
  • Chat: Send and receive chat messages with patrons.
  • Chat: Save a .TXT file of a chat transcript.

Patron Shared Public Computers

  • Chat: Patrons can make a chat request for staff assistance.
  • Print: Patrons can click a print job payment request from their computer before walking around to pay staff for a print job.

Public Print Management

  • Payments: Patrons can select, pay, and print jobs using a kiosk payment device.

Public Computer Reservations

  • Schedule: Patrons reserve a computer online from home before they arrive.

Building Access Reservations

  • Room Access: Patrons reserve access online to an area or room from their home before they arrive. Upon arrival patron displays a confirmation code on their Smartphone at a safe distance before entering.

Public Computer Waiting List

  • Schedule: Patrons request the next available computer.
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