CYBRARIAN® Public Computer Automation

Public Computer Waiting List

Public computer waiting list

Public Computer Waiting List Queue

Automate your shared public computer waiting lists for patrons and provide fair and equitable distribution of all your workstations.

Patrons add their name or barcode to a queue that registers their request for the next available shared computer:

  • Schedules time slots based on patron input,
  • Prints reservation reminder receipts,
  • Provides a grace period for patron login when their computer is assigned,
  • Prevent other users from logging into an assigned computer while grace period is in effect,
  • Separate queues for different computer areas,
  • Usage statistics and audit reports,
  • Customizable welcome message when idle,
  • Limit number of bookings per patron,
  • Administrators can override and modify the queue,
  • Staff can view or cancel bookings,
  • Monitors and reports no-shows,
  • Sets schedules by branch,
  • Reserve a computer 24 hours 7 days per week through the remote access feature,
  • Optional LED scrolling display to inform waiting patrons.
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