CYBRARIAN® Public Computer Automation

Public Computer Remote Control

Staff Remote Control of patron workstations

The CYBRARIAN® remote control monitors your public computer stations from multiple remote desktops.

Remote Control also provides access to all workstations on the system and enables administrative actions to be performed. Any staff desktop can send a message to one or more users, remotely logon users, or even reboot a machine from a remote PC.


  • Control all aspects of public computers
  • Monitor workstations remotely
  • Log patrons on or off
  • Extend or shorten patron session time
  • Send messages and commands to patron computers
  • Look up patron usage information
  • Simple browse-and-click computer interface
  • High-speed communication protocol
  • Perform remote computer administration
  • Supports LANs, WANs and Wi-Fi technologies


  • Help individual patrons directly from a remote location.
  • Reduces administrative time on shared public computers
  • Monitor any public computer session remotely
  • Perform computer administrative functions remotely from your desktop
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